About Me

I am a communications and digital media expert! I have extensive experience in social media management, media relations, marketing, building brand awareness, and more.

I started a blog (this website) when I was 19 as a way to get my writing out into the world. It was exactly the right medium for me at exactly the right time. Now that I’m married and working full time, the personal blog has slowed down, but this site houses almost all of the writing that I’m proud of, whether it’s my blog about Ray Rice’s domestic violence or the articles that I wrote for MTV when I worked in women’s health.

Now, I’m the Senior Associate of Communications and Digital Media at the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign, a global grassroots movement to end malaria. I run all of our social and digital communications, implement on campaign-wide initiatives and work on one pagers, talking points, op-eds, and more.

Before moving to UNF, I worked for a reproductive health non-profit, where I created (and continued) partnerships with TV writers, producers, and executives, as well as magazine writers and publishers. I’ve been lucky enough to work with editors and producers from Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, ESSENCE, Teen Mom, Bustle, NBC, Lifetime, TLC, and a whole host of other amazing places. It’s also why I know *all of the things* about birth control. (You can also find me in the background of some of the Teen Mom reunion episodes — it’s my only claim to fame!)

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(Any and every opinion is 100% my own and not representative of UNF/Nothing But Nets.)

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