Paige 101

Hello, blogging world.

So basically, I got a blog because my friend Taylor convinced me to do it. And also, I love it when people listen to me talk. No, not actually. I’m assuming that very few people will read this, and of the three that do, none of them will actually know me, so I’ve got nothing to lose. I’m a Mass Communications major, so I figured I can get a head start on “columnist life” and share my struggles as a young woman and

full time college student with a part time job.I feel so SJP from Sex and the City already.

Soon enough, there’s going to be plenty to blog about in my life. I’m finishing up my second year at community college and I’m moving into my own place in exactly 2 months and 2 days. Well, not exactly my own place. It’s a one bedroom that I’m sharing with my closest friend of over five years. They say not to live with your friends, so we’ll have to see how that goes. I got two jobs in Towson, oh, that’s where I’m moving to, obv. Can I juggle two part-time jobs and a full time college workload? Hell if I know, we’ll just have to find out.

My first blog post may just be an awkward fail, but who do I need to impress. Other than Cosmo, InStyle, E News, whatever, no big deal. Hopefully I can document my ups and downs in life, and growing up, and that can be entertaining for those that will laugh with me at the curveballs life throws.

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