It’s Time I Write Again

My life has been CRAAAAZY.

I’m interning at Baltimore Style Magazine, and it’s amazing. Since I’ve posted last, I’ve been published in the magazine, (on multiple pages…whoop whoop!) been to a fashion show, done a ton of other really cool things, attended a fashion photo shoot, and met Chris Bukowski from Emily’s season of The Bachelorette – but I’m still loyal to my first love, Arie. It’s pretty darn cool.

The thing I love about this internship, and in turn, my future career, is the diversity of tasks. Every day I come in and don’t know what I’ll be doing. I could be doing boring stuff like stuffing envelopes, but most of the time it’s something wonderful; interviewing someone, writing a blurb for the mag, babysitting a $900 pair of Oscar de la Renta shoes, (seriously) or shopping (again, seriously).

I’m going to try and keep a better blog about my internship, because I have a feeling when I’m old and gray, I’ll want to remember these days. I’ll start by just saying that I’m staying here until at least May, but we’re crossing our fingers for longer. We being mainly my editor Jess, because she actually likes me (it’s a strange feeling). Obviously, not serious. Well, I am, because I think she genuinely likes me, but I genuinely love her too! I’m learning so much, because she’s the best at what she does, and I already see a serious improvement in my writing skills. Not blog writing (sorry, friends) particularly, but I’m definitely learning how to add flair and style and voice to a piece. Look out, I’ll be headed to the big time before we know it.

Basically, I’m on my lunch break and I’m running out of time, and things to write about. So sayonara for now, I promise I’ll update this thing they call a blog more often. Plus, I owe my wonderful boyfriend a birthday blog post. Stay tuned!


1) Me with Chris Bukowski. He was super nice and disturbingly charming.

2) The $900 Oscars.

3) Gift guide! Check out the December issues for the holiday “must-haves”: I picked some of them out!

4) The cupcakes (free!) at the Urban Chic Fashion Show. I also had maple covered bacon. Maybe I’ll end up gaining fame on The Biggest Loser instead of the magazine business.

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