For Those With a Love of Sugar

Hello, world!

Since you read my blog, you must be literate. And if you’re literate, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be reading my friend Taylor’s blog. She’s narrating for you- in her wonderful, funny, sometimes totally inappropriate way- a year of diabetes. Basically, she has type 1 diabetes (along with 3 million other Americans, I learned from her first post) and is sharing it with the world.

We met in Journalism 101 more than a year ago (time flies when you’re not having fun in any college classes) and got along like we were besties. Really, it’s just because we’re both sarcastic, crazy girls in their twenties. Anyway, I’m not going to rave about her on here for pages and pages because that would be weird and uncomfortable.

But I do want to tell you to read her blog. Here’s a quote from her most recent post, Week 6: For the Love of Diabetes:

“Do you want to know what a makes a good partner? It’s not shopping trips or expensive dinners. It’s not instagram shout-outs or forearm tattoos [although – if you’re reading this Boone, I’m totally into that idea]. It’s keeping juice boxes in your fridge for potential low blood sugars. It’s buying ice-cold diet cokes without asking if they’re wanted – BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY’RE ALWAYS WANTED. It’s asking how blood sugars are and when appointments are scheduled even if it irritates the other person – but you do it because you know it’s what’s best.”

I love this because it’s similar to my thoughts before Valentine’s Day (you know what they say about great minds) and it’s so true. Taylor is one of the funniest, realest people that I’ve ever met, and we only hung out on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30-11 am. That’s saying something. She’s also the reason I started to blog, because she encouraged me to just do it- why not? So basically, if you want a funny human being to really relate to and learn something from, check her out. Here. 

Tay, if you’re reading this, we seriously need to get coffee. PANERA STRIP CLUB DATE.

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