I’m a Joan Ranger.

It’s almost Ellen-Oscars time!

In honor of Oscars weekend, I’m posting my top four fashion moments from the red carpet. My favorite show on E!, Fashion Police (okay, maybe not my favorite…I do keep with the Kardashians thanks to my DVR), does it much better than I, but why not try!Image

My number one look: Lupita Nyong’o. All day every day. She looked amazing not only at the Golden Globes, but also stunned at the SAG Awards. The red dress with the cape can only work for a classy, gorgeous gal, and that she is. The green!? Oh man, she knocked it out of the park. Perfect! Her makeup for the SAG awards is also flawless- just a little bit of color to match the dress but otherwise minimal. It doesn’t get better than these two looks. She Imagegraced the red carpet for her first hit movie and proved that we not only want more Lupita on-screen, we also want more Lupita on the carpet! (Plus, her SAG acceptance speech? “Well, I don’t know him personally…” Obsessed!) I cannot WAIT to see what she wears to the Oscars, because the woman is an icon. It’s her first movie role and red carpet season and the woman is an icon.

Numero dos: My girl Katy. I’m outwardly obsessed with Katy Perry. My grandma thought I legitimately knew her because of how I talked about her at Thanksgiving. (I refer to her as “Katy,” because we’re on a first name basis like that.) ImageWhile nothing can top her green Grammy’s number, this year’s Grammy dress wowed me. Why? Because she’s the only person that could pull that off. She’s so unique, cool, and creative, and this dress proved that, as if we didn’t already know. When George Kotsiopoulos predicted she would wear it on the pre-show, I prayed to every fashion god that he was right- and look at that, he was! The gown, part of Valentino’s Spring Collection, couldn’t have been a better match for Katy. The hair….the hair could have been better. Her braided up-do was a little too “yodel-odel-odel-ay-he-ho” (and not Eminem in his new song) for me, but man, that face. The woman is a stunner. Had she picked a more subdued hairstyle, maybe down and wavy, she might be on the top of my list. But there’s no denying that the girl can rock a musical note dress without batting an eye. PS: The dress she wore to the after parties was, of course, ah-mazing! Personally, I’m glad she and John are dunzo, because she is so out of his league.

My number three “must see look of the week” (insert Giuliana voice here) was super easy to decide. Reese Witherspoon! Her Golden Globes dress, a similar hue to Lupitas at the ImageSAGs, had me girl-crushing all over her. Kelly Osbourne voted her worst dressed on Fashion Police because she thought it was “underwhelming.” Kelly, I love you and I know that you (actually) know what you’re talking about, but no way, girlfriend! I loved that she didn’t go crazy or too fancy-schmancy. Her shorter hair (adore!) and makeup look wonderful, not to mention the color looks perfect on her. Reese’s simple beauty and elegance shine in this dress. It fits her body perfectly, it’s flattering, and I think she looks stunning. She’s comfortable, toned down, relaxed, and naturally beautiful. It’s Reese Witherspoon- what’s not to love?!

#4: Another Grammys gown: Ciara. The girl knows how to rock baby-bump style. She looked perfect: happy, healthy, and radiant. The gold dress fit her impeccably (I should hope so, it was custom) and wasn’t too matronly (Paula Patton) or too cleavage-heavy (did Imageanyone else see Arielle Winter at the SAG awards, or…). The intricate pattern made it interesting, but not too busy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her! Her hair looks perfect: loose and well done without looking over-done. And why put on lots of makeup when you have a face like that? Her makeup perfectly accentuated her gorgeous features, instead of overwhelming them. Love!

I’m definitely not good enough to make any Oscar predictions. But I’ll predict the people that are going to kill it. OBVIOUSLY Lupita. I think Amy Adams is going to look gorgeous too. J. Law has totally struck out for me the past few awards shows, so I’m hoping she’ll come back and kill it this time. No more marshmallow dresses. Does Oprah go to the Oscars? If she does, she’ll be perfection. Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock: always on point, they’re classic. I could go on and on, but I will end with my final one. She’s a red carpet newbie but she has killed it so far, plus she is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen: Margot Robbie. (You’re welcome for the picture.) She’s going to come out and blow us away. Image

(And, the lovely and wonderful host, my idol, Ellen Degeneres, is also going to kill it. Okay, I swear that’s it.)

Happy Oscar watching!


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