My Chat with Ken Baker

I’m basically the new Giuliana. (Just kidding, G, you know I love ya!)

Basically, my life dream is to work for E! News. I remember watching the Golden Globes at my grandma’s house in Florida when I was maybe…8 or 9 years old? I sat there and thought ‘One day, I’m going to be there. This is what I’m meant to do.’ Ever since then, I have known that I wanted to major in journalism and go into entertainment journalism. If you know me, you also know that the celebrity trivia I know is unreal: I can name anyone’s husband, girlfriend, co-star, child. I really think it’s a gift- no one else knows as much “useless” information about celebs as I do.

When I had to do an interview with a journalist about their use of social media for MCOM 257, I obviously wanted to interview someone from E!, because…that’s the only news I watch.

Judge me, go ahead.


I reached out to Ken Baker (who always seems to be in the newsroom) and he answered back! How amazing is that! He’s also written multiple books, another thing I’ve always wanted to do. I figured this would be an amazing learning opportunity for me.

I tried not to freak out and be a major loser about it, but, let’s face it, I am a major loser. I was literally talking to someone who does for a living what I want to do for a living. Granted, it was via Twitter, so when I say I was “literally talking” to him, I mean “typing words into a phone to send to him.” I can only imagine the panic attack I’d have in person.

But that doesn’t make it any less cool. We’re still going to count it as my first big interview. (Who will be next?! Clooney? Damon? J. Law? I’m hoping it’s Clooney.)

Here’s what we chatted about:

PW: How has social media changed journalism (particularly entertainment)?

KB: Social media has changed what we do in so many ways. For starters, often times we are reporting something that a celebrity has done or said on social media. That makes it a great content provider. Social media also gives us direct access to sources and eyewitness for reporting.

PW: What role does it play in your work? With Live from E!, etc.


KB: It is hard to even remember reporting before social media. We now have so much fun looking at pictures, debating tweets, tracking celebs. It’s a gift that keeps on giving…

PW: How does it help you break news at E!?

KB: Like I said, it gives us content.

PW: What are advantages and disadvantages of EVERYONE having social media?

KB: A disadvantage for celebs is when they say something or show something they regret. They can’t take it back. It is there forever. It also is a disadvantage when a celeb would rather no one saw them do something but with social media it is immediately broadcast. Fishbowl bigger.

PW: How do you balance personal with professional in social media, particularly Twitter?

KB: I am mostly about the “work” but I sometimes share personal moments or thoughts, since I do spend much of my life at “work”…

PW: Do you have any funny stories about Twitter use?

KB: I just think it is funny that when I joined Twitter in 2009, I didn’t want to! My boss made me. I am so glad she did! If I were young, I would become an expert in using social media marketing/media tools, because that is the future of media.

GUYS I actually had that conversation with Ken Baker. I am so thankful that he saw my tweet and took the time to respond to it. What a cool guy: this just makes me so much more excited and motivated to follow my dreams. Hopefully, at this time next year, I’ll be applying to E! instead of blogging about it!



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