How We Feel About School Ending. According to New Girl.

Check out my blog for Towson. It’s pretty awesome thanks to a little Jessica Day and a lot of Nick Miller.

The Roar

Guys! We did it! It is the LAST week of classes. Hallelujah! I know that we’re all feeling different ways about this. Some of us (me included) are thrilled that class is over and have super easy finals. Some of us (I’m thinking all you nursing majors, physics people, and math nerds?) know that it can only get worse from here: tests, tests, tests. Of course, I don’t want to exclude anyone, so I have compiled a list of New Girl quotes, gifs, and other nonsense that sum up the general spectrum of emotions right now.


Some of you guys are about to go nuts this weekend. You are so thrilled that you only have one or two days of classes to attend, you don’t even care that it’s not quite summer yet. To that, I say, be careful and don’t go overboard. But by all means, celebrate this! Enjoy…

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