STYLE 25th Party

Hello, friends!

It’s been awhile since I enlightened you with knowledge, and I’m not about to, so don’t get too excited. I’m in the midst of taking 21 credits, and it isn’t a cakewalk, I’ll tell ya that much. However, I just signed up for my LAST semester of college, so I’ll be having a panic attack about that soon. I’ll be sure to document that for ya.

Since I last posted, Baltimore STYLE Magazine had a super-fab party (unfortunately, we got rained out and it had to be all indoors- but it was a blast regardless) to celebrate the mag’s 25th anniversary. There was a step and repeat AND a photobooth, so you know I had to get in on the action. Here are pics from the event!


  1800455_10152447919241560_4801018327056389409_n  10005864_10152447914051560_1706186328673616226_o10014648_10152447915426560_9047845200937742135_n
10169200_10152447919221560_5447925053019142329_n 10247239_10152447918436560_8399725130970106538_n 10351400_10152447918776560_8083134420196542466_n  10407819_10152447913996560_8168109662001327893_n  10616111_10152447915096560_1213060109650873873_n 10629556_10152447914006560_5934761344824986337_n 10670149_10152447914886560_2940658066113968935_n 10671391_10152447915106560_3090890674719078489_n 10689791_10152447918551560_8032888104215471423_n




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