Thank the lord for teen moms!

And not just any teen moms, the Teen Moms. Part of what’s great about my job is that it involves a lot of TV watching, including Teen Mom OG, which I watched long before I started working at The NC. So basically, [part of] my job is to watch awesome TV shows (also in my queue: The Royals, The Bachelor, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians).  I’ve watched almost all the episodes for this season of TMOG already –and my lips are Gorilla-glued shut so don’t even ask for spoilers–
so that I can blog about them. -vSI2uSt

The fun thing about that is that I’m not blogging about them on my blog – wait, sorry, did you think you were going to get a Teen Mom recap on this blog?  I’m blogging about them for the network itself. That’s right, folks, I am blogging for MTV! I’ve written for magazines and online sites before, but no offense to The Towerlight, I think MTV has a few more viewers (LOL). I was incredibly nervous to write the blog posts because, come on, no pressure, right? Right.

While I’m really proud of myself and think it’s a super cool accomplishment that I was given the opportunity to write blogs for MTV at my first job and even before my 22nd birthday, I also don’t think it has that much to do with me or my skill set. I seriously lucked into this job (read: God provided the exact right place for me at the exact right time and I never would have found it or gotten it without His help, so no actual luck was involved) and it is exactly what I always wanted to do. I just never knew it.

I’m not going to get up on my newly painted and shined soap box here, but teen pregnancy is a major issue for the United States and I had no idea about it until I started this job in September. I always said that I wanted to work somewhere that I could write and enjoy pop culture and talk about issues that matter to women and also make a difference in the world. And here I am, blogging for MTV about the impact teen pregnancy has on both parents and kids.

Here’s the thing: say whatever you want about the Teen Mom franchise – they’re changing the world. 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom have seriously contributed to the decline in teen pregnancy.  It’s certainly not the only reason why the rates are going down, but literal, real, scientific studies prove that it has helped.

Guys! That is so cool. The fact that I can write a few paragraphs about this show that I’ve watched for years and have it published on the MTV website is astounding.

So that’s all for me here – if you’re interested in reading the blog (which I know you are), here’s a handy little link for ya. If you’re interested in seeing that it’s currently the headlining blog on MTV’s blog page (!!!!!!!!) just because that is freakin’ cool and I’m geeking out over it, click on this link. (Currently = 11:01 a.m. on Wednesday.)

You can also feel free to comment on the blog and say how awesome you think it is, but no pressure from me to do that. 😉

UPDATE AS OF 1:54 p.m.
“@Clegatha” is not a fan of me or of spelling “shit” like a normal human being. What a bummer.

MTV News on Twitter   Why Teen Pregnancy Doesn’t Just Affect The Parents — It Affects The Kids https   t.co XoHygGCEnM https   t.co RnavXwfrsJ .jpg

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