Let’s Hear it for the Boy

I’m proud of my booooyfriend!

So I have big news to share. (I am still not engaged. Good grief, people.) It’s something that I’ve been struggling with how to talk about, so I’ve put it off until the very last minute. It’s also not my news to share, so that’s an added pressure.

Anyway, here it is…drum roll please…

200 (3).gifRick got a job! And not just any job. Rick got a job at the DoD. So look out, he’s going to start listening to your phone conversations. (Just kidding! Actually, I don’t know. Even if he could, but he wouldn’t be able to tell me about it so I’ll never know.) It is an incredible opportunity and I am so proud of him. He applied to this job well over a year ago, in May of last year, and it has finally become reality.

It’s funny how we both ended up in careers where we can’t talk about a lot of what we do. Granted, one of us can’t share Teen Mom spoilers and one of us can’t share United States security spoilers, but hey, we all have different priorities.

I can’t talk about most of the details of his job, equally because I don’t know them and if I did, would not be allowed to share them, but I can share a few things.

This position comes with a five year commitment (*brain exploding*) so we will be hanging out in DC for at least a half a decade! It’s a training program, so as I understand it, he’ll be taking courses at the DoD and going back to get his masters over the next 2-3 years and then will be upgraded/promoted/qualified to be a project manager. And he thought he was done school when he graduated in December. Ha!

But the craziest thing of all is that he can’t take his phone to work with him. Eek! When we go to California to visit my cousin and her kids, (who have since moved to Thailand, long story) they want to wake Rick up every morning so they can watch him play Boom Beach for 20 minutes. He has endless apps on his phone. He uses 10 GB of data every month (thank heavens we don’t share a phone plan.) He follows the Orioles and other various sports teams closer than the presidential election. And he can’t take his phone to work with him. *insert laughing/crying emoji here*

It’s going to be super weird not being able to contact him for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, especially since he’s been working part-time since December and has been available whenever I want to buy concert tickets last minute or need him to pick something up from the grocery store on the way home or have to vent about work. But I am looking forward to having real, substantial conversations when we both get home and maybe missing each other a little during the day.

Today is his first day, (told you I waited until the last minute) so he’s at orientation and I have no way of knowing how it’s going. We still don’t know where he’s going to be actually working– it’s all on a very need-to-know basis. After orientation, he’ll get instructions on where to go every day, what time to get there, and what to wear. He’ll have his picture taken today for his security badge (so fancy) so we cut his hair last night and he looked dapper in a suit this morning. He’s so cute.

I’m so proud of him for all the hard work he put in to get this job. One of his references played a voicemail of Rick belting out Taylor Swift’s “22” for the guy doing the background check on him. In other words, it’s a literal miracle that he got this job. *insert another laughing/crying emoji here* He’s waited patiently without hearing anything for months, and he prayed that God would make it clear where he was supposed to be. So I guess he is supposed to be in DC for the next five years.

I’m sorry, but do ya’ll know how long five years is? It is long enough for a child to be born, potty trained, learn how to read, and become a little mini-human. It is longer than high school and it is longer than college (for most people at least). That is a long time. Hi, I can’t even commit to new clothes. I keep the tags on for as long as I can, try them on 6 times, and then decide I’m going to keep them 3 months after purchase. And now my boyfriend/eventual-soon-to-be fiance/husband has locked himself/us into a five year commitment. Barf. I’ll be fine after a ginger ale and some saltines.

I totally plan on staying in DC for five years because I am obsessed with my job and my parents’ new puppy, but the fact that now- in theory- I have to gives me anxiety. Anyway, that’s another discussion for another therapy session.

As for Rick’s job, it’s amazing, and I’m beyond happy for him. I’m also happy for myself because this means that in the foreseeable future we can buy a house and it won’t take me an hour and a half to drive to work anymore. Bless the DoD.

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