Rageaholics, Vulgar Language, and the 2016 Election

My drive to work takes anywhere between 55 minutes and an hour and a half.

Today on my way home, I was changing lanes, so I checked my mirror and there was a Mustang about 4 car lengths behind me in the other lane. As I turned on my blinker, I heard the motor rev up and by the time I was halfway into the lane, he was right on my you-know-what. I thought “man, what a jerk.” He laid on the horn, flipped me off, and started screaming and yelling. Then I thought, “honey, you need to calm down because you look like a fool.”

But hey, I get it. The drive gets tedious and DC drivers totally suck. I lose my patience more than I should on the roads — however, I have flipped off maybe 2 people in my entire life, and usually don’t get pissed when I’m the one that was driving like maniac. But whatever!

Probably 2 or 3 minutes later, I turned left at the light, with the Mustang still behind me. Once through the light, he got into the leftmost lane and stopped next to my car. (I was stopped at a second light, because, route 29.) He rolled his window down and screamed at me something like: learn how to drive, “you stupid f***ing c***!” and shook his fist at me. I honest to god thought he was going to get out of the car. He then sped off, cutting off another car and nearly slamming into the one in front of him.

Once it sunk in what had just happened, I thought I should get the license plate number and call the cops, because, hello psycho, but I only got 3 of the numbers. (If you know any chubby rageaholics with crazy strawberry blonde hair and a Mustang who drive on 16th street to Colesville Rd. at 5:30 in the afternoon, let me know.)

I was in shock that someone could get so angry over something that 1. was their fault and 2. was such a non-issue. I didn’t almost hit him. Maybe he almost hit me, IDK, but again, his fault. Siri texted Rick and told him what happened, so he called and made sure I was okay. And asked whose ass he needed to kick, but I recounted the too-slow-to-get-the-license incident to a disappointed sigh. Once I hung up the phone, I knew I was about to cry.

As I was sitting in my car crying, I couldn’t figure out why I was moved to tears. It wasn’t because some delusional stranger called me a bad name. It wasn’t even because I thought that delusional stranger may get out of his car and physically assault me. It was because I had this pit in my stomach and a voice in my head saying “that’s not fair.”

It’s the same feeling I got when Casey Anthony wasn’t found guilty of killing her kid. It’s the same feeling I got when Greg Hardy beat the daylights out of his girlfriend and threatened to kill her, but only got suspended for four games. Of football. It’s the same feeling I got when Brock Turner raped a woman behind a dumpster but was told that he shouldn’t have to pay “such a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life”– and that “steep price” was only 3 months in prison.

And while I was inwardly embarrassed to be crying over something so stupid, I realized that my tears were over something so much bigger than this jerk-face. I realized that my tears were over someone with so much anger and hatred acting in such a despicable way and not facing any consequences for it. But yet that that is the society in which we live. People can treat other people like dirt and not pay any consequences for it.

That’s the reason why there’s some bad cops out there, that’s the reason why people are killing innocent cops, and that’s the reason why there are shootings out the wazoo and bad news all over the place. So what’s my point? That we live in a broken world where bad guys get away with doing bad things and there’s nothing we can do about it? Kindof. Actually, yes, but there’s more.

It’s also this. I wouldn’t give that guy in the Mustang any kind of power. I wouldn’t let him adopt a child, I wouldn’t let him become a cop, and I surely wouldn’t let him become President of the United States.


I am not saying that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton was the guy in the Mustang. Although, you never know, they may get access to some really amazing prosthetic face makeup. What I am saying is this. Let’s beware of people in power who have done some pretty messed up things and not faced any repercussions. Let’s think about the way they treat and talk about people: male, female, black, white, gay, straight, Asian, Muslim, Christian, whatever.

And let’s think twice before voting for someone– whoever that person may be to you– because they are the “lesser of two evils.” By definition, that means you’re still voting for someone evil. And think deeply before you do that. One day, will you be proud to tell your kids that you voted for Trump? Will you be proud to tell your kids that you voted for Clinton?

It’s not an easy spot to be in. I’ve been struggling with this election and my moral compass for months. I’m a registered Independent, because I think both parties are just full of fools and I couldn’t bring myself to align with either of them, but I’ll show you my cards here. I was all aboard the Bernie Sanders train.

ANOTHER INTENSE BLOW. You just have to stick with me.

Why was I on the train of a totally crazy 95 year old dude with some insane ideas of how to run a country? The answer is pretty simple, and here it is. I felt like he treated every human being with respect. His ideas on policy to help the poor were totally wacko, but at least he genuinely gives a crap about the poor! Again, this is my opinion. (If you don’t want it, re-read the name of this webpage and ask yourself why you’re on it if you don’t want to hear my opinion.)

I totally disagreed with almost all of Bernie’s policies and ideas, but I could buy into him on a human level. I could see good intentions behind the same ideas that I found major problems bernie-sanderswith. I truly felt like Bernie was proposing what he thought was best for every person in this country, whether they were privileged or not, rich or not, educated or not, Catholic/Christian or not, and white or not. That would have bought my vote.

Real talk? I don’t see those good intentions with either of the final two candidates. (If you’d like to further debate my feelings on Bernie, I could talk about it all day, so feel free to comment or email me.) I’m not here to tell you what to do– after all, I’m just a stupid f***ing c***, so who would listen to me anyway?

I read an article on Vox about Christians voting for Trump. It was fabulous and I would encourage everyone to read it, but here’s a snippet if you are worn out from reading this to think about clicking another link.

“While many conservative evangelicals have resigned themselves to Donald Trump as the only choice in this election, a discerning evaluation of his candidacy reveals that we should not support him regardless of how bad a Clinton presidency might be… evangelical Christians would be better served by abstaining from that vote and shifting their energy toward electing people to Congress and local and state governments who have the opportunity to restrain whichever candidate is elected as needed. Our success here will be limited but still far more effective and virtuous than folding to Trump’s coercion and losing our political voice.”

Think about what your values are. REALLY think about it. Don’t vote for someone because you think they’re the lesser of two evils. Maybe if that means not voting, then don’t vote. Your voice matters, but it only matters if you’re using it to vote on something you truly believe in. If you search your soul and, of course, the internet, and find that one of those two candidates is something that you truly believe in, then vote for them.

That’s about the end of my epiphany, so big shout out to Mustang guy, I hope I never see you again and I also hope you never procreate.


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