Let’s Hear it for the Boy

I’m proud of my booooyfriend!

So I have big news to share. (I am still not engaged. Good grief, people.) It’s something that I’ve been struggling with how to talk about, so I’ve put it off until the very last minute. It’s also not my news to share, so that’s an added pressure.

Anyway, here it is…drum roll please… Continue reading


Is It Too Late To Say I’m Sorry Now?

I have not posted in ages.

I am actually living life and doing cool things! I had a blog post scheduled for when something awesome was supposed to happen at work, but it never happened. Womp womp. I promise I will write it anyway very soon, but until then, stay tuned!

XOXO. ce4bdc3c09b968c2bddfd90d389a8061d1dea3f2c09b1c080bdff349df451916