I Got Married!

In lieu of writing and posting anything since October, I have been busy planning a wedding. I’ll save my elope-you-fools-don’t-fall-into-the-wedding-trap rant blog for another time, since I’m writing to celebrate and share some pics.

Quick recap of the day: best day of my life! I spent most of it trying not to cry, which is probably why I am not smiling in 80% of the candid pictures of me during the ceremony. I knew if I lost it, I’d never get it back, so I had to keep myself together. It feels like a total dream looking back at these pictures. I got to finally marry the best life-partner and husband a girl could ask for, have all of my family and friends in one place, and then dance and party and have a heck of a good time. I have never felt so loved and humbled. I’m so thankful for all the people that came and shared the day with us that I can’t thank them all, plus it’s not like I won an Oscar so I’m going to keep this short, but S/O to Cree who put literally everything back together after it poured sheets and buckets of rain 30 minutes before go-time. And Emily. And Griffin. And Matt. And everyone else. I JUST LOVE EVERYBODY, YOU GUYS!

We were praying about when to get married for months, and then in October, we knew God wanted us to get married this summer. It was crystal clear. But we were terrified: it was way sooner than we had ever thought — we were planning a wedding 2 months before we got engaged in December. Everything was rushed. Looking back, I couldn’t be more glad that we got married when we did. People say that when you make plans, God laughs. It’s true, but here’s something even more true: His timing was so perfect.

My beautiful and wonderful friend Abby Caldwell captured these amazing pictures that will thankfully last longer than my recollection of the day. There are lots, so if you want the whole bunch, the link is here and the password is whippleworld. (Photobooth pictures are also online and HILARIOUS and the password is paige.) Below are just a few of my faves. I hope you find yourself in these and look back on the day as happily as I do. XOXO!

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, its jealousy as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame.”
Song of Solomon 8:6


As if that wasn’t enough, we also had our crazy-talented friend Coty Nix on hand to capture some of the day, which included Abby singing during the ceremony (did I mention that she’s wonder woman?) Some of his pics are below, and they are amazeballs. I’m so thankful for him! Coty, you rock.

Rageaholics, Vulgar Language, and the 2016 Election

My drive to work takes anywhere between 55 minutes and an hour and a half.

Today on my way home, I was changing lanes, so I checked my mirror and there was a Mustang about 4 car lengths behind me in the other lane. As I turned on my blinker, I heard the motor rev up and by the time I was halfway into the lane, he was right on my you-know-what. I thought “man, what a jerk.” He laid on the horn, flipped me off, and started screaming and yelling. Then I thought, “honey, you need to calm down because you look like a fool.”

But hey, I get it. The drive gets tedious and DC drivers totally suck. I lose my patience more than I should on the roads — however, I have flipped off maybe 2 people in my entire life, and usually don’t get pissed when I’m the one that was driving like maniac. But whatever!

Probably 2 or 3 minutes later, I turned left at the light, with the Mustang still behind me. Once through the light, he got into the leftmost lane and stopped next to my car. (I was stopped at a second light, because, route 29.) He rolled his window down and screamed at me something like: learn how to drive, “you stupid f***ing c***!” and shook his fist at me. I honest to god thought he was going to get out of the car. He then sped off, cutting off another car and nearly slamming into the one in front of him.

Once it sunk in what had just happened, I thought I should get the license plate number and call the cops, because, hello psycho, but I only got 3 of the numbers. (If you know any chubby rageaholics with crazy strawberry blonde hair and a Mustang who drive on 16th street to Colesville Rd. at 5:30 in the afternoon, let me know.)

I was in shock that someone could get so angry over something that 1. was their fault and 2. was such a non-issue. I didn’t almost hit him. Maybe he almost hit me, IDK, but again, his fault. Siri texted Rick and told him what happened, so he called and made sure I was okay. And asked whose ass he needed to kick, but I recounted the too-slow-to-get-the-license incident to a disappointed sigh. Once I hung up the phone, I knew I was about to cry.

As I was sitting in my car crying, I couldn’t figure out why I was moved to tears. It wasn’t because some delusional stranger called me a bad name. It wasn’t even because I thought that delusional stranger may get out of his car and physically assault me. It was because I had this pit in my stomach and a voice in my head saying “that’s not fair.” Continue reading

Let’s Hear it for the Boy

I’m proud of my booooyfriend!

So I have big news to share. (I am still not engaged. Good grief, people.) It’s something that I’ve been struggling with how to talk about, so I’ve put it off until the very last minute. It’s also not my news to share, so that’s an added pressure.

Anyway, here it is…drum roll please… Continue reading

Cam Newton: The Man, The Myth, The Loser.

Cam Newton is literally, and figuratively, a loser.

He lost the Super Bowl and then acted like a child in the post-game press conference. I saw a Facebook post defending him today that basically says that he works hard and has drive, and if you don’t understand why he acted that way, you must be an unmotivated bum.

Well, maybe I am, but that’s a ridiculous defense of a grown man. I’ve been so worked up about it all day that I decided I had to write about it, if only for my own sanity.

If you want to talk about hard work, let’s talk about people raising children on minimum wage or single parents shelling out $972 a month for daycare. Cam Newton plays a game for a living and makes more money in one year than most people will see in a lifetime. If he loses the Super Bowl, that is too damn bad: I’m not crying for him.

I could write for days on why treating athletes and celebrities like gods is detrimental to society (and to my soul) but I won’t. I’ll just make this point and be done. (Maybe.) Cam Newton is one of the most privileged men in America. He’s been flying on private jets since he was a freshman in college and he has a platform to reach millions of people via national television every single week. He’s 26 years old and he’s worth $32 million.

The argument that “he’s heartbroken” or “he worked hard and his dream was crushed” is just BS. People’s dreams are crushed every single day, and they don’t mope around about it. 21,000 people literally die of starvation every day! Meanwhile, Cam Newton is sitting in his cushy $2 million apartment crying into his $118.5 million contract because he lost a game. Boohoo.

I understand that he’s heartbroken, disappointed, even pissed off. I would be too. But there is a way to handle yourself, and refusing to actually answer questions then storming off isn’t it.

What are we teaching our kids? The kids that wear his jerseys and scream his name and pretend to be him when they play flag football in the backyard? “Be a good sport and treat everyone with respect. Unless you try really hard and you lose. Then you can be a poor sport.” Or how about “If you win all of your games, you can dance around and talk trash and treat other people like they’re inferior to you.”

I just think it’s pathetic. I think his behavior was embarrassing, and I think defending and excusing him is just as bad, if not worse. And don’t even try to cry wolf that I’m only saying this about him because I’m a Ravens fan: I said the same thing about Manny Machado throwing a baseball bat at Josh Donaldson. (Because WTF, who does that?!)

I’m not saying that he should be smiling and laughing and pretending like he isn’t crushed. I’m saying that even though he is crushed, he should have some class. Giving footballs to kids when you’ve got a 14-0 record doesn’t make you a leader. Losing gracefully does.

Don’t ask for media attention and accolades when you win but not when you lose. It isn’t a one way street. Saying he shouldn’t have to talk to the media after the Super Bowl is like saying the president shouldn’t have to talk to the media after a national disaster. It’s not pretty, it’s not fun, and it’s not enjoyable, but it’s part of the job.

If you don’t want the bad, Cam, you can’t have the good. It’s as simple as that.


Thank the lord for teen moms!

And not just any teen moms, the Teen Moms. Part of what’s great about my job is that it involves a lot of TV watching, including Teen Mom OG, which I watched long before I started working at The NC. So basically, [part of] my job is to watch awesome TV shows (also in my queue: The Royals, The Bachelor, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians).  I’ve watched almost all the episodes for this season of TMOG already –and my lips are Gorilla-glued shut so don’t even ask for spoilers–
so that I can blog about them. -vSI2uSt

The fun thing about that is that I’m not blogging about them on my blog – wait, sorry, did you think you were going to get a Teen Mom recap on this blog?  I’m blogging about them for the network itself. That’s right, folks, I am blogging for MTV! I’ve written for magazines and online sites before, but no offense to The Towerlight, I think MTV has a few more viewers (LOL). I was incredibly nervous to write the blog posts because, come on, no pressure, right? Right. Continue reading

Thanks, Birth Control.

Let’s get it on!  I’m going to educate you.

Gotta let Kim and Kanye do Kim and Kanye.

Gotta let Kim and Kanye do Kim and Kanye.

That sounds condescending, but seriously. Here are just a few statistics that you should know.


  • Only 38% of girls who have a child before they’re 18 graduate from high school.
  • Teen childbearing costs you and all your fellow taxpayers $9 billion per year. Annually. Perennially. $9 billion. Seem like a lot of money to anyone else?
  • 7 out of 10 pregnancies to women in their 20’s are unplanned.

Continue reading

For the Love

For the love of my sanity, I’m writing this blog post.

My lovely Bible study group decided to read For the Love, a new book by Jen Hatmaker, an undiscovered genius and comedienne extraordinaire. I loved the book so incredibly much that I finished it in 3 days. But when she referenced Friday Night Lights on the very first page, I knew we were fellow Dillon Panthers and would get along just fine.

#TexasForever. Continue reading


Look out, Barack, there’s a new boss in town.63206140

I got a jooo-ooo-ooob! (Read in Oprah’s singing voice, please.) I have been searching tirelessly for almost 7 months for the perfect job, and I have finally found it. I started searching in December, way before I even graduated, and sent out hundreds of resumes that I’m sure just wound up lost in cyberspace. But as of yesterday, I have hit the employment jackpot. Continue reading

It’s All About Me. Ivanka Trump Says So.

It’s June 14th and I just got around to making New Year’s Resolutions. 2015 Fireworks party - New Year Display!

Technically, I “made” a few resolutions at the start of 2015, but didn’t really write them down or take them particularly seriously. There was so much going on in January: the start of my last semester in college, family was in town, and Rick and I took a trip to Florida. Now that my life has slowed down (somewhat), I finally made a vision board.

I heard once that Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres, and Oprah all use vision boards to map out and keep in mind their goals for the upcoming year. It’s supposedly a great visual reminder of the things you want to accomplish, whether it be making a certain amount of money, losing a certain amount of weight, trying something new, whatever. Plus, not only are those three of my favorite people, they’re also three of the richest people in the entertainment industry. So it’s safe to say that they’re a good model to look up to. I’ve got nothing to lose except the $5 I spent on posterboard and 5 hours of my life I spent cutting things out of magazines.

Since it’s more than halfway through the year, it was time to finally buckle down and do the vision board. Not that I have a clear vision of where my life is going, but I can scrape together a few hopes for the next few months. Continue reading