Need a Freelancer?

Here’s just some of my work:

MTV Blogs

How Teen Mom Really Has Changed the World

‘Teen Mom’ Dilemmas; Sometimes, It’s the Same Stuff, Different Day

How the Teen Mom OG Cast Members Are Building A Better Future For Their Kids

Baltimore Watchdog Clips

Baltimore Tattoo Convention

Parents Seek Answers About Possible Magnet School Changes

Some Parents Unhappy With Magnet School Forum

Student Turns Knitting Hobby Into Business

BCPD Honors Those Who Died Serving Others

Mass Communication Capstone Project (one of my favorite pieces!):

Crafts Turn Into Ca$h

Baltimore Style Clips

All of my Baltimore Style clips are unavailable due to a refresh of the website, but I promise they’re great and available in the print copies.

Other Goodies

You can also check out my blog for Mass Communications classes, my contributions to Towson SAM’s college themed blog, my contributions to The DC Ladies, or my bi-weekly column, Paige Six, in The Towerlight.


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