Need a Freelancer?

Here’s just some of my work:

MTV Blogs

How Teen Mom Really Has Changed the World

‘Teen Mom’ Dilemmas; Sometimes, It’s the Same Stuff, Different Day

How the Teen Mom OG Cast Members Are Building A Better Future For Their Kids

Baltimore Style Clips

Fitness articles:
Water Works (Waterfront Wellness), Triple Play (Fit! Gym), Learn The Ropes (Believer’s Fitness Boot Camp), Spin Siren (Rev Cycle Studio)

Get Out:
April 2014, December 2013, November 2013

Miscellaneous fun stuff:
Epicure (Sweet Caroline’s), Simple Chic Holidays (Jennifer Walters’ beautiful Christmas décor)

Other Goodies

Mass Communication Capstone Project (one of my personal favorite pieces!):
Crafts Turn Into Ca$h

You can also check out my blog for Mass Communications classes, my contributions to Towson SAM’s college themed blog, my contributions to The DC Ladies, or my bi-weekly column, Paige Six, in The Towerlight.

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