“DIY” = “Everyone but Paige Can”

ImagePart 1 of probably 50.

I need of help!

I’m moving into my apartment in less than two months and I still don’t have tons of stuff, including a dresser.

Well, I have the actual dresser but it’s an ugly color so I want to paint it. I saw this amaze-balls DIY dresser on Pinterest. But then I realized…I cannot do it myself.

The website/blog said that they heard of someone using a cardboard cutout to do the Chevron pattern. To that, I say: WHAT?!?

What am I supposed to do with the cardboard? Make a bunch of them, or use one? Please, be a little more vague. How do I paint using a cardboard cutout? Do I paint over it, or do I paint around it? Holy moly. This project is going to be impossible.

If anyone is good at this stuff, please help me! I need a step by step, intricate, hold my hand explanation! I haven’t even started painting it plain white yet, hopefully the results of that won’t merit a blog post. But you never know. I’ll keep the updates coming, I might have to wing it and see how it goes. Oiy vey.

I need a handyman.


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