Logan’s 18th birthday I believe. We look nothing like this anymore.


My favorite person turns 21 today, so I obv have to blog about it! I highly doubt he’s going to read this, because he never does what I tell him to do, so I’m just going to write it about him instead of to him.

When I say that Logan is my favorite, I really do mean it. He’s my favorite person named Logan (the only one I know), he’s my favorite friend (shh, don’t tell the others), and he’s my favorite thing in life (aside from chocolate, Chick-fil-a, and the Bachelor). So obviously, he’s just my favorite. I started calling him that way back in high school when we got along much less.

Our friendship has evolved immensely over the past 5, almost 6 years, and it’s way too complicated to go into it all. But he has always been there for me no matter what. We’ve had our good share of ups and downs, and neither of us exactly have complacent personalities, so clashing isn’t unheard of. But because we have a “non-traditional friendship”, as in, people think he hates me, that’s what makes it the most special frienship to me.

We’ve had fights and gotten pissed and wanted to stop being friends with each other, but yet here I am writing some stupid, sappy post for his birthday. Because it hasn’t always been butterflies and unicorns and smiles, the fact that our friendship has stuck it out means more than other friendships where it’s always simple. I can never take having him in my life for granted, because next thing I know, BOOM, we’ll get in a fight and maybe never be friends again. (Okay, that’s a lie. I’m confident that if we’ve gotten this far, we’re stuck being friends forever.)

So since he is turning 21, I wanted to commemorate that and write 21 memories I have of him. I’m going to try to make them all happy, but with his smart-ass attitude and sarcasm, I’m pretty sure that’s near impossible. 😉 But hey, a girl can try.

1. He called me on his way home from school, and we got to catch up on months of life that we didn’t get to talk about because of school and other stuff keeping us busy.

2. Ah, my favorite quote in my senior yearbook. We went to DC one day, and I was super tired. I told him he had to carry me, and he said ,”You have a better chance of getting into the White House with a gun.” See, I told you he was a smart-ass. (Also, if any government agents are reading this, it was YEARS ago, and neither he or I have no plans to do anything of the sort.)

3. At one lacrosse game, his back was acting up so he was sitting on the bench with me and he decided he wanted to see how many times he could say the F word in a minute. He made me time him.

4. His freshman year of college I went up to visit and they were all playing sardines or some stupid game and I was not feelin it at ALL. He’s always been able to tell when I’m upset, and he knew I was mad so he tried to make me feel better and bought me a Mountain Dew.

5. He almost always knows when I’m pissed off. Which most of the time, he just uses to push my buttons and see how far he can take his sarcasm. TOO FAR. ALWAYS TOO FAR. But usually, if I’m upset, he’ll try to make me feel better. Or piss me off more, depending on his mood. See, I told you, our relationship is complicated. 😉

6. One of my favorites: when he randomly texts me. Let me just tell you, the kid sucks at texting. I’ll send him a super excited message like “HEY OMG GUESS WHAT I HAVE THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLD!!! :))))” and he’ll say “What” and I’ll be like “I JUST WON A BAZILLION DOLLARS AAAAHHH!” and he won’t text back. Anyway. Rarely, very rarely, he’ll text me and say hey and I get more excited than if I actually won the bazillion dollars.

7. I used to leave Schuits homeroom all the time to walk around, and I would visit he and Zachy in Mrs. Prentice’s room. One time, he and Zach chased me out of the room by beating me with a wooden spoon. Truth.

8. His birthday at prom, I made the DJ do a shout-out in the middle of the dance. Then he played some birthday song that was super awkward and weird. Was that embarrassing? I hope so.

9. That same prom, he actually

Imagetook pictures with me!

10. One day, there was a ton of drama at school and I was crying and mad and scared, and the person walked by and I just hid behind him. Thank goodness he’s tall. (He’d be taller if he didn’t hunch his shoulders…. #petpeeve)

11. All Star Cast. He knows what that means.

12. One day I wanted to watch Friday Night Lights SOOOO much and he put up a huge fight and said no way, but then I convinced him and it was like the best day of my life. I never convince him to do anything.

13. Almost every year on  my birthday, he comes over and watches football with me. I used to hate football so it sucked, but now I get it so it’s not so bad. And he never wishes me a happy birthday, except this past year, because I was really mad at him and I think he felt bad (a victory for consciences everywhere).

14. He tutored me! I’m terrible at math, and my junior year he would drive me home from lacrosse games and help me with  my homework. On a side nore, screw you, geometry.

15. AHAH I forgot about this! One day during the summer, my parents told me to do yardwork and I didn’t want to. I complained and complained and complained (Log loves when I complain) and he actually did it for me. Well, he “helped me”. By doing it for me. How sweet is he.

16. He hates when I post about him on social media. So he’s just going to love this. But who cares, he’s probably not even going to read it. Plus, it’s his birthday, so I can do what I want to. That’s how the saying goes, right?

17. He made me go with him to pick out a pair of Sperry’s one day .He called me at freaking 9 am and when I didn’t answer, he kept calling and texting and calling to wake me up. Who needs Sperry’s at 9 in the morning! And why do you have to wake me up so early to go with you!?! I won’t complain, though, I got to hang out with him.

18. That time I didn’t see him all last summer. I’m his last priority. *crying* . No, just kidding. He’ll probably get mad if I say that. or, maybe that’s the truth. I’m not a detective, I don’t know. Lats summer I think I saw him twice? It made me sad. But that’s not a good memory, why is it on the list?

19. This is just funny. Our relationship is so much like Watson and Sherlock on Elementary. Watson is so kind and shows her emotions and friendship, but Sherlock is too preoccupied with other stuff and makes smart comments. Although, I’m not Asian, and Logan doesn’t have a British accent. Damn, I wish he did. That would be awesome.

20. The many times we’ve talked about nothing, or about something, and he’s brought a smile to my face. He may be mean to me, but he’s hilarious. 

21. Ohhh there are so many, how to pick the last one! I recently asked him to do something for me and he said “never.” I kept nagging and nagging (his second favorite thing I do, after complaining) and he finally did. I’m not allowed to tell anyone what it is, but it was special and meant a lot to me. 

Ohh lord, he is gonna KIIIILL me if he reads this. I’m in so much trouble. To sum up, at his high-school graduation, a teacher said this about him: “A leader that brings joy, what’s not to love?” That statement is so true. He’s brought so much joy into my life, and so many others. Happy birthday Log! I hope we’re still friends after you read this 😉 I love you .