Kids Say The Darndest Things

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day. I must already be addicted, soon I’ll be a crazy blog lady instead of a crazy Imagecat lady.

These tidbits were just too funny not to share. While babysitting Samara (6) and Tavi (4, pictured on right) Samara had class at the library so Tavi and i were just hanging out talking.

I asked her if she was excited to go into Kindergarten next year, and of course she is. Her beloved cousin, Trevor, is her best friend and “twin”. This is the outline of our conversation.

Me: You know who won’t be in your class again next year?

Tavi: Who?

Me: Trevor.

Tavi: But I know Eli will be coming to my class next year!

Me: Oh, Is Eli your friend?

Tavi: Yeah.

Me: Is he nice?

Tavi: Yeah.

Then I ask the golden question.

“Tav, do you have a boyfriend?”

Tavi: Yes, duh, it’s Trevor.

Me: Well no. Trevor can’t be your boyfriend because he’s your cousin.

Tavi: I know he’s my cousin!

Me: Do you know what that means?

Tavi: That we can’t get maaaarried.

Me: Right, so he can’t be your boyfriend either.

Tavi: Oh, Paige….

Then, we got out of the car and were walking around, and she told me that my hair was “SHOOO LONG”. Which by all means, it is. It reaches well down to my waist. I asked her if I should cut it, to which she replied

“No waaaay! Don’t cut it! I want my hair to grow all the way to as long as yours.”

Me: Oh really? That’s nice of you. Then we can be twins.

Tavi: No we wouldn’t! I have BLONDE hair.

I just find so many of the things kids say to be hilarious, and the dynamics between Tavi and Trevor are funny enough for their own reality show. So since I have a blog now, I figured I would share them with the world. Or, the two people reading this. 😉