My Chat with Ken Baker

I’m basically the new Giuliana. (Just kidding, G, you know I love ya!)

Basically, my life dream is to work for E! News. I remember watching the Golden Globes at my grandma’s house in Florida when I was maybe…8 or 9 years old? I sat there and thought ‘One day, I’m going to be there. This is what I’m meant to do.’ Ever since then, I have known that I wanted to major in journalism and go into entertainment journalism. If you know me, you also know that the celebrity trivia I know is unreal: I can name anyone’s husband, girlfriend, co-star, child. I really think it’s a gift- no one else knows as much “useless” information about celebs as I do.

When I had to do an interview with a journalist about their use of social media for MCOM 257, I obviously wanted to interview someone from E!, because…that’s the only news I watch.

Judge me, go ahead.


I reached out to Ken Baker (who always seems to be in the newsroom) and he answered back! How amazing is that! He’s also written multiple books, another thing I’ve always wanted to do. I figured this would be an amazing learning opportunity for me.

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I’m a Joan Ranger.

It’s almost Ellen-Oscars time!

In honor of Oscars weekend, I’m posting my top four fashion moments from the red carpet. My favorite show on E!, Fashion Police (okay, maybe not my favorite…I do keep with the Kardashians thanks to my DVR), does it much better than I, but why not try!Image

My number one look: Lupita Nyong’o. All day every day. She looked amazing not only at the Golden Globes, but also stunned at the SAG Awards. The red dress with the cape can only work for a classy, gorgeous gal, and that she is. The green!? Oh man, she knocked it out of the park. Perfect! Her makeup for the SAG awards is also flawless- just a little bit of color to match the dress but otherwise minimal. It doesn’t get better than these two looks. She Imagegraced the red carpet for her first hit movie and proved that we not only want more Lupita on-screen, we also want more Lupita on the carpet! (Plus, her SAG acceptance speech? “Well, I don’t know him personally…” Obsessed!) I cannot WAIT to see what she wears to the Oscars, because the woman is an icon. It’s her first movie role and red carpet season and the woman is an icon.

Numero dos: My girl Katy. I’m outwardly obsessed with Katy Perry. My grandma thought I legitimately knew her because of how I talked about her at Thanksgiving. (I refer to her as “Katy,” because we’re on a first name basis like that.) Image Continue reading