Take It Easy


My new look is so chic!

I’ve learned a lot in the two years that have passed since I was in high school. The most important thing I’ve realized is that most people take life, and themselves, way too seriously. Since I’ve learned to laugh at myself, I’ve gained a happiness and peace that I never had in high school. I was always worried about what people were thinking, if I looked pretty, or if everyone was judging me.
Here’s the truth: everyone IS judging me. And they’re judging you too. But who cares!  Life is too short to worry if the girl next to you in the bathroom hates your hair, or if that tank top makes you look fat. (It doesn’t! You’re beautiful, so stop complaining already!) If you can’t wear a stick on mustache every once and a while and proudly take selfies, you’re missing out on life. At least thats the way I see it.