Writers Block?

I’m not going to write a blog.

I just had like 3 paragraphs of nonsense typed out that I was going to elaborate on in this blog post. That’s when I realized: I am way too tired to write anything of decent quality. College has been rough the past couple weeks, and I’m a month in and I am feelin the pressure.

I’m exhausted, and I have nothing particularly worthwhile to talk about. So if you have any ideas or topics you want me to write about, throw them at me! Truong, I’m talkin to you! You’re the one who always gets on me about writing another post, so help me out with ideas.

Goodnight from me, xoxo.

Here’s To An Amazeballs Semester

It’s been 7 days, and I already feel like an adult.

I love it! I hated staying in my apartment originally because there was no furniture and I was alone and creeped out. However, with furniture, a busy schedule, and a roomie, I’m loving living on my own.

My 3 day school week turned out to be more interesting than I thought it would be.

My first day, there was no parking, so I wound up being late for my first English class. I also had to leave campus immediately after my last class to attend the Luke Bryan concert. Rush rush rush rush. My life consists of rushing around like a crazy lady. I won’t go into deets about Luke, because that would open a whole different can of worms. I wore my Sperrys for walking around campus, because of the massive TU campus. What I didn’t know was that I hadn’t totally broken in my Sperrys. Long story short, I got, walked on, and still have some hardcore blisters. Continue reading

It’s the Final Countdown….But Actually, it is.

26632 months and 1 day. Holy moly.

The closer moving into Towson gets, the more excited I get. Not only to move out and finally live on my own, (I’ve been excited about that for 15 years) but to be part of the community there. And let me tell you why.

Emily, my amazing, wonderful, introverted, stay-at-home, shy, uninvolved-in-activities best friend, has been at TU for the past 2 years. By luck of the draw, or someone random in the housing department, Em got the most outgoing, involved, busy roommate on the Towson campus. Let me tell you, Allie did it all; everything from rugby to student residence government. Looking at pictures on Facebook of the tons of TU activities she attended made me even more excited to transfer.

Who would have thought that a college would have so many activities! Everything from TED lectures and informative seminars to a color run and festivals are available for TU students. It’s basically like summer camp, but for 9 months. (And admittedly, probably a little more expensive.) They even had a petting zoo on campus for a day, for goodness sake! What an amazing way to meet tons of people and get involved with your school.

I seriously can’t wait to be closer to Towson to take part in all the activities. Transitioning from a small high school to community college was completely different, and my life felt empty. Going from seeing my friends all day every day to suddenly not knowing anyone in my classes was heartbreaking. Sure, Carroll has activities, but nothing that was sustainable for friendships. What a better way to make friends at TU than meeting them at a color run and making plans to go to a petting zoo next week. Okay, so maybe the petting zoo thing is a little weird, pick another activity, who cares what it is!

How are those opportunities to be crazy and have a blast not the coolest things?! Maybe this is what private high-school does to people, makes them in-awe of the littlest things. But I have to say, Allie’s extra-curricular activities have to seem awesome to everybody. The girl has so many friends, and her life is a constant whirlwind of fun, learning, and new activities. Isn’t that what college life is about?

I’m so ready for a group of new friends and new activities at Towson, and basically starting over and becoming a new person. Who knows, maybe I’ll run for president of student government. I mean, that will never happen, but it could, and I love that possibility.